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Manufacturing Engineer Supervisor

About This Role:

Responsible for ensuring that both new and existing manufacturing processes: equipment, tooling, facility, methods, standard work, manufacturing engineering systems, and process controls; produce products that meet: EH&S requirements, customer requirements, Modine risk management objectives, quality requirements, standard labor cost, overhead cost, and material costs.

The Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor reports to the Plant Manager, Rockbridge.


The following functions report to the Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor:

  • Plant Manufacturing/Process Engineering

  • Maintenance

  • Janitorial

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a high level of core technology competence within the engineering staff.

  • Direction and coordination of product and process launches using APQP procedures and principles.

  • Ensuring that the manufacturing process is established with equipment, tooling, and process controls that can meet customer, risk, and operational targets.

  • Ensuring that the engineering staff is trained and competent to apply effective project management skills.

  • Managing, through direct reports, the implementation of the PM system and the maintenance and repair of the equipment, tooling, and physical plant.

  • Equipment and tooling capacity monitoring and planning.

  • Establishing a capital budget and expense budget for management approval.

  • Ensuring that applicable Standard Practices are understood and applied.

  • Maintaining metrics on: equipment and tooling capacity utilization, regulatory conformance, launch conformance, process performance, process control, PM performance, and labor standards conformance.

  • Oversee maintenance and implementation of Engineering Change Management in the plant making sure to coordinate with cross functional teams. 

  • The Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor supervises Engineering interaction with the Product Groups regarding product/process launches, field failures, DV and PV failures, design review/technical feasibility, capacity, capability, capital equipment costs, tooling costs, and labor content.

  • The Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor interacts with all plant department heads by providing and receiving advice/assistance on topics such as personnel policies, manufacturing, production or quality issues, etc.

Specific Accountabilities:

  • Improve/maintain technical competency via the hiring process and PDP process

  • Maintain launch plans and ensure that regular launch meetings with key personnel are scheduled and held

  • Monitor capacity utilization to ensure OEE conformance and maintain 1 year and 5 year capacity plan. Work closely with production on capacity issues/opportunities.

  • Monitor and ensure that all processes meet capability requirements.

  • Establish and monitor labor standards for accuracy and issues. Coordinate with production on variance issues.

  • Monitor key operational measurables – scrap, FPY, RC’s, energy cost – and provide support for CA and CI.

  • Plan PM requirements for all key tooling and equipment and monitor system to ensure compliance and performance.

  • Oversee the development and use of structured project plans for all products and process launches and/or changes.

  • Prepare capital and expense budgets and track conformance.

  • Mentor the ME Team in 80/20 principles and ensure continuing development and use the 80/20 throughout the plant

Required Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering or Business required

  • 5-7 years minimum experience as a Manufacturing Engineer working in a similar industry

  • Launch management – demonstrated experience with structured APQP process

  • Project management – history of successful development and management of project plans for a product launch

  • Capital management – history of planning, development, and management of large capital projects

  • Process control – understanding and application of SPC

  • Experience in metal forming and joining technologies – preferred experience in plant product materials and core joining processing – brazing, welding, etc

  • Working knowledge of labor standards

  • Experience conforming to ISO9001 requirements

  • Supervisory experience – technical and maintenance staff preferred

  • LLC equipment and tooling souring preferred

Physical Job Requirements:

The physical job requirements for the position of Manufacturing Engineer include being able to do the following:m

  • Occasionally lift up to 50 pounds.

  • Stand for less than 4 hours per day.

  • Walk for less than 4 hours per day.

  • Sit for more than 4 hours per day.

  • Occasionally grasp items with either hand

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