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3rd Shift Assembly Technician

Job Description:

A Chiller Assembly Technician is responsible for utilizing prints, work instructions and wiring diagrams in order to assemble product on the production line. This may include the use of power tools, hand tools, overhead hoists and fixtures to complete assembly and transport material to and from the work station. Chiller Assembly Technicians are responsible for adhering to all safety and quality requirements while meeting production schedule demands. The Chiller Assembly Technician reports to the Production Supervisor.

Experience or Training Required:

Production experience in a make-to-order assembly role is preferred. This includes the ability to read and interpret prints, wiring diagrams, assembly checks and CAD models in order to meet production specifications.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Using various manual and powered hand tools to assemble units according to customer specifications

  2. Perform brazing for refrigeration and water circuit per print requirements

  3. Perform high voltage, 3-phase wiring of electrical system

  4. Ability to measure, cut, fit, and insulate water piping assembly

  5. Reads blueprints work instructions, and wiring diagrams to build or modify units

  6. Ensure completion of Quality and Production checklists/processes

  7. Use computer to access and enter information including Windows based and CAD platforms

  8. Keeps work area neat, clean and orderly

  9. Operate overhead hoists, manual hand trucks, and powered industrial trucks when required

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